What is the Difference Between a Callus and a Corn?

Jan 18, 2021

Corns and Calluses are very common terms that patients use; however, most do not know the difference between them or how to distinguish them. Corns and calluses are areas on the skin that are thick that occur when the area on the foots rubs against something or there is excess pressure against it. A callus is thickening of the skin on the bottom of the foot which is usually flat and widespread. A corn is thickening of the skin on the top of the foot or the toes that is thicker and deeper. These can be very painful if they get too thick. People with hammertoes and more prone to corns and calluses.

How Can You Treat Them?

Our podiatrists do not recommend over-the-counter treatments are they can do more harm than good, specially if you have diabetes. Some of these treatments may contain chemicals that can lead to burns or foot ulcers. If you have a corn or callus, schedule a visit to see your podiatrist! Your doctor can carefully shave away any thickened skin in the office, very easy and safe procedure with no pain, which one should not be performing at home. Your doctor can also talk to you about the cause of your lesion and give you tips to avoid them in future. Other treatments may also be recommended by your podiatrist.

Recommendations to Avoid Them:

Wear properly fitted shoes and avoid shoes that cause increased rubbing and pressure to the toes and feet. Consult your podiatrist for proper shoe recommendations for your foot type.

Corn vs. Callus


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