Tips for Diabetic Foot Care in the Winter

Jan 11, 2021

If you are diabetic, cold temperatures can be very dangerous, especially if you suffer from poor blood circulation or nerve damage on your extremities. We, as podiatrists, would like to give you some tips to keep your feet healthy and safe in the winter months.

If you live in an area with snow, make sure to change your socks frequently as moisture between your toes can form bacteria which can cause infections. If your socks get moist, make sure to take them off, towel dry your feet and put on a clean, dry pair of socks.

Cold temperatures can cause dry feet and cracking, specially on the heel. Make sure to moisturize often, which will help your feet from cracking or itching. You can access a list of the top recommended moisturizers from our podiatrists here: Moisturizers

We recommend keeping your feet away from direct heat such as warming your feet by a fire or foot heater from your car. Because of the numbness on your feet from nerve damage, you might not be aware of the high temperature, which can cause second to third degree burns. Keep your feet away from direct heat and avoid using electric blankets, heated pads, and your feet in hot water.

We recommend diabetic patients to get regular foot checks with their podiatrists, which can help detect any issues and complications.


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